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Meet our new professional mentor, Farren, Teens

I was born and raised in Southern California. After attending community college, I volunteered for a girl’s juvenile detention center to help girls who, for various reasons, were incarcerated. It was through working with those girls that I realized I wanted to work with young women on empowerment and self-confidence because often times they don’t have parents to tell them they love them or that they are beautiful.  

When I moved to Seattle in 2014 I began working as a case worker for teens who were victims of sex trafficking at Youth Care. For the young women who wanted to get out of the life, I helped them integrate into society by helping them find a job, housing and some stability. If a young lady wasn’t ready to get out, it wasn’t my job to judge them, but to let them know I was there for them.  

During this time I was trying to mentor on my own time, but that was too difficult with my work schedule. I wasn’t able to give the girls the consistency they needed to thrive. Then, I came across the professional mentoring position at Friends of the Children. It was the perfect job because it allowed me to work with teens who, through Friends of the Children, have already had a consistent relationship with a professional mentor starting at age 5 or 6. Now I get to build upon this strong foundation to ensure they are confident and ambitious young women ready to take on the world.